Wacom, what does this button do?

No drawing today, but a more technical note on my brand new Wacom intuos tablet I purchased – of course – on Amazon at little over 60 € (I guess 70 dollars).

I was a bit skeptical at first, because it is not a tablet per se, meaning  there is no screen and you do not draw like you would on a blank piece of paper. Instead, it looks like a giant laptop mousepad with grey dots – which I imagine are part of the sensor system that helps locate your pen on the screen.

It takes a bit of practice to get used to, but most of all it has to have a practical setup according to what you use most while drawing. To learn how to setup your tablet in a few quick steps, it’s best to have a look at these tutorials and pretty much follow what Aaron Rutten is doing (that’s what I did).

You basically have 6 buttons which you can set up to do a particular action (4 on the tablet and two on the pen). The tools I use most are the brush (duh), the eye-drop tool, infinite undo (Ctrl+Alt+Z) and changing thmywacomsetupe size of the brush. So naturally, I set up my tablet to respond to my four basic needs, but I also placed these functions according to what I felt was more practical. So, here is my setup at the moment:

I haven’t decided what to do with the right buttons yet, but I would be curious to know what you guys would recommend.

There are probably more expensive tablets out there, with loads of other functions, but for my needs (meaning painting for fun not as a job), I think this is a very reasonable option.