Oh Praxiteles!

I’ve always liked to draw and when I was 18 I had actually developped quite a bit my skills, which I of course forgot in the meantime. I have been very much into Illustrator and into tips and tricks to render leaflets, logos etc. attractive but I left drawing pretty much aside.

Then I got to know ancient Greek art and I felt so humbled by the sheer beauty and the precision of strokes of some of the painted vases. Of course, I won’t mention here sculptures, because I completely became obsessed with Praxiteles and everything he was ever suspected to have done. In particular Apollo of Olympia stroke me as a face that represented all that was just, strong, beautiful, divine. I don’t know how Praxiteles did it but it’s simply amazing.

So I was thinking of taking on drawing again, because it’s always the best way to observe details. Then I stumbled accross Istebrak’s video tutorials on painting in photoshop. At first I thought – naaah, I couldn’t possibly achieve that level. And then I gave it a go – first only with my mouse and by painting over a photo of Javier Bardem – whose face I find so intriguing: savage, asymetrical and somehow attractive. And the result came out pretty good for a first digital painting with a mouse 🙂 Here it is!

javier-bardem-portrait2x In the meantime I’ve learnt how to deal with hair, but this is an excellent way to keep a track of evolution. I’ve also equipped with a very basic wacom tablet and pen, and I’m pretty much good to go.

I will post in this blog mainly for my own pleasure, for keeping track of my evolution and why not for tips and tricks for beginners. I am by no means an artist, but I am open to critique and recommendations. Trolls will be trolled though!